Know Income Tax Filling Charges 2019-2020

Filling income tax is very important and essential for every citizen of India even though his income is not under tax limit.   It helps government to decide various policies for benefiting Indian Citizens using the data they obtain.   Sometimes people avoid or don’t file returns because they care about the fees.   But you can file your return absolutely Free also on

Below I have mentioned Chart of charges charged by CA for filling the return.  These charges are generally same across India but you may be charged different amount due to specific advise provided by CA for assisting you in Saving Tax.


Charges for filing Income Tax returns    
Filing your returns on your own at or any tax portal Free    
CA Assisted Tax Filing (Online)      
*Salary Income Rs 499    
**Salary plus property income Rs 799    
***Salary plus capital gains income Rs 2,199- Rs 2,149    
****NRI+ Foreign Income Rs2,999- Rs 3,599    
#For professionals and freelancers Rs 2,499    
A dedicated session with a CA during business hours of 45 minutes to 1 hour Rs 999- Rs 1,999    
Tax planning+ Assisted Filing Rs 2,999    
Tax filing through a CA ( Offline)      
Salary plus property income Rs 799- Rs 1,500    
Salary plus capital gains income from stocks, mutual funds and property Rs 1,399- Rs 2,500    
NRIs/ Foreign Income Rs 2,499- Rs 3,000    
*For employees with salary and interest income. A single form 16A    
**For employees with salary and house property income.    
***For employees with salary and house property and capital gains income from stocks, dividend and property    
****For income earned outside India and income earned in India for NRE/ NRO Account    
# For freelancers, doctors and small businesses having a specific turnover    
Different tax filing portals may differ in their offerings. However, the basic plans offered for individuals with different sources of income are similar. Some of these portals may charge extra fees for tax saving advice from CAs. The prices mentioned are indicative.

Note: Income Tax laws are subject to change, depending on the government in power.

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