Block HDFC Credit/Debit Card in Case of Unauthorised Transaction

Sometimes it happens that a transaction is done without your knowledge by some hackers and you want to stop that in future, you have to block you Credit / Debit Card immediately. You can do so by following methods.

  • You can use NetBanking to block your debit or credit card immediately to protect it from further such transactions

  • You can contact PhoneBanking

Block through NetBanking

How to block your debit/credit card using NetBanking

  • Login to NetBanking using your customer ID & password click here
  • Click on “Card” tab
  • Select “Request” under Credit or Debit Card, whichever applies
  • Select “Credit Card hotlisting” or “Debit Card hotlisting” whichever applies

How to block Prepaid card using Prepaid Card NetBanking

  • Click to select the type of card variant you wish to block click here
  • Login into Prepaid Card NetBanking with your user ID and password
  • Select Hotlist Card tab under My request tab
  • Select the card number and confirm

So, don’t hesitate to contact your bank in case you find any fraudulent transaction done using your Card. Reach to customer care and they will help you in blocking your card.

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